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I started out as a kid that wanted only to play games on my computer. A huge happy day was when I bought a soundblaster and a CDROM (you had to put the CD in a cartridge). Since then I would do little jobs in High School helping teachers and other friends with computer issues. I finally went off to the Univerity of Southern California and the most interesting work study job in the Daily Trojan was for Computer Support. That started my career into IT. Over the 4.5 years I was at USC I did PC, Unix and Mac applications and operating system support.

Once I graduated with my degree in Communication (what does that do anyway), I moved off to Memphis, TN and joined the help desk for a investment company with offices across the Southeast United States. I learned even more and now I was in the business world it became even more neccesary to be great at what I did. Eventually I was made a Citrix Administrator where I jumped at the oppurtunity to get away from day to day calls and work on something cool (not cleaning spyware).

A few years later I joined another company and my Citrix experience got me in the door. Now though, I was the one and only Network Administrator. Besides Citrix I supported installed and improved on the Network and Firewalls (Cisco), Active Directory, Exchange, MS SQL and not to mention many one off projects.

One of those one off projects was to do something about the ancient server hardware with applications that needed to live forever but no one in the world knew how to reinstall on new hardware. A VMware junkie was born. I later moved on to Consulting for VMware engagements providing solutions for companies of many sizes.

I spent 2 years working with a great group at Veristor Systems. Installing all kinds of VMware environments across the Southeast US.
In January 2011 I joined EMC as a vSpecialist. I spend most of my days helping customers transform their business as they move towards public and private cloud.

Now it is November 2013, I am part of the all Flash revolution at Pure Storage. Working to provide consistent and predictable performance in the world of databases, VDI and Virtual Infrastructure. Plenty of IOPS in a small package. Save the power and cooling for something else besides your storage array. 🙂

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  1. I like Your splunk implementation for Pure Storage Sash Board.
    We are planning to do the similar splunk installation for our existing pure arrays. can you please share the splunk queries with your blog. I thought, it would be very useful.

    1. Sorry for the delay. I will work on it. I didn’t have queries posted because it is so custom to your environment and more a function of splunk usage. I am not an expert in Splunk, so I am sure there is a better way than how I did it.

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