Review the Year – 2008

Recap of what happened in 2008 to a virtualization consultant/engineer guy.

  • Started the year as a Senior Network Engineer, by the end of January finished a 2.5.x upgrade to 3.0.1. Later found out the client upgraded to 3.5 a little while after I finished.
  • Beggining of March I was transferred/promoted to Senior Technical Advisor. At some point, I was renamed a Senior Technical Engineer but it was the same job doing internal infrastructure support, running our hosted Virtual Machine environment, and doing VMware pre-sales and implementation.
  • Do to shake ups in our company, I was then made a Senior Technical Consultant, which included more SE work for the general operation of our company (SMB Tech Support). So one day I can be designing a Virtual Infrastructure and then quoting a 1GB memory upgrade for a HP desktop.
  • As a consultant I was able to run some Capacity Assessments. Maybe it will lead to some projects for 2009.

So professionally this year I had four different jobs and/or titles and at least five different bosses.

The blog started as a joke between me and a co-worker. I thought of a name for a sweet 2 man vmware shop. Two VCP’s and a truck was born. During the fall I posted small comments and helps that I come across. Maybe once or twice a week (sometimes less). I have had fun trying out new software, researching esxcfg- commands, and making comments on cool things other bloggers have posted.

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