Education and Virtualization – Oh, the Possibilities

Saw this article the other day. Really good to see the Alma Mater take a plunge into Virtualization. I spent four and half years starting my IT career at USC working while I was studying.
I think amazing things could be done in education with virtualization. That isn’t just Virtual Desktops for computer labs, although that is a good one. Imagine being able to learn programming in a windows environment you could build up and tear down and build up again in an hour?
I remember getting warnings from root for leaving a process running (on accident) on the Unix system for a couple days. Separate virtual machines running linux would be awesome for this.
It has been almost 10 years since I finished at the University. I wonder what ways virtualization is making learning easier. I bet students are coming out now knowing almost all of what it took me the last few years to squire on the job.

1. Virtual Desktops
2. Dedicated VM’s to learn server OS
3. Research into Malware/Spyware and other Security issues
4. Computer Engineering
5. Application Development and Testing
6. Ease deployment of Apps for teaching.

I am not a huge visionary, I bet there is tons of other ways… Any thoughts?

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