Catching Up on the Last Two Weeks

On the big VMware Announcement this week:

I am excited for the release of vSphere. Hopefully soon (very very soon) I will get some more knowledge on the topic so I can then relay my knowledge to the all of you. Although, I really won’t be able to say anything new from what is already being written until I can play with the software for a while.

I need a Notepad by the Shower

I am working on another blog post and the other day in the shower I had a perfect point to make in the post. Well you can tell from the subheading the idea is gone. I hope if I force myself to work on it the idea will spring back to my mind.

I have a job!
Some may know via twitter and facebook, but I will rejoin the ranks of the employed next week.

I am excited to be going to a great place where I will learn a ton about Virtualization and Storage in the Datacenter.

So if you are in the Atlanta area make sure you find me. The family and I hope to be there by the end of May.

5 thoughts on “Catching Up on the Last Two Weeks”

  1. [sniff /] I’m bummed to have you even FURTHER away, but excited you have a new job. 8^D

    Hang in there homeskillet!!!

  2. Congrats and welcome to Atlanta! Let em know If I can help you with getting to know the area or anything else related to your move!

  3. Andrew: I will be working for Veristor Systems based in Duluth (North of Atlanta).

    Rbrambley: Thanks, I am transitioning to the area so of course need to meet everyone in town. I hope to be at the May 13 VMUG.

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