View Open Client 4.5 Beta 1.1 Now Out

I usually don’t just make announcements on this site. There are plenty of good news sites that let you know what is new and whatnot. I don’t remember if I saw this but I am behind on my reader feeds so forgive me if everyone already checked this out. The View Open Client is an open client (hence the name) to connect to VMware View Managed Desktop deployments if your OS is Mac or Linux and this is very good news. The java plugin or whatever you call it from the View web manager is annoying to me mainly because the java security is pesky. I know you can just change the settings in Java but I have had in the past where an update from Apple kills my previous settings.

All this to say someone today had never heard of the client and I had show him what was up. He was very happy to be introduced to the View Open client. So I thought it would be cool to spread the word a little more.

Here is the June 3, 2010 release with the fixes and changes from last version.

Here is the main google code site to get the download.

Enjoy the View Open Client!

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