VMworld 2010 – In-N-Out Burger Meetup

Last year we had a great time going to In-n-out. For someone like me that was born and raised in Southern California, In-n-out is one of those things I must have when coming back to California. Luckily there is a location within a short trolley ride of the Moscone Center / VMworld 2010. If there is a lesson from last year if you are not used to public transportation you may need some practice. 🙂

Leave a comment or hit me up on twitter @2vcps if you are think you will make it.

Where: at the In-n-out in San Francsico
When: Tuesday 8/31 at 5:30 pm – Gives you enough to go eat and come back before any Vendor sponsored party/events. I won’t interfere with free food and beer. 🙂
What: Eat Double Double, Fries

@trey_anderson was cool enough to make this map with directions from Moscone to In-N-Out

28 thoughts on “VMworld 2010 – In-N-Out Burger Meetup”

  1. I am not. I did not get everything together on time. I am shooting for Cambridge, Mass in November now. May, June and July have been crazy month around here.

  2. Gotta do my best to make this! Veeam Party is later Tues night, but will try to make time for this run! I've never been to In-N-Out! Count me in!

    Hopefully you and most of the others have their Veeam invites too?

  3. Since I missed it last year, I’m going to do my best to join you this year. I’ve been to California twice in the last couple of weeks and held off satisfying my In-N-Out itch, holding out for the VMworld In-N-Out meet-up. See you in a few days!

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