Gestalt IT – Tech Field Day

I am honored to be included in the upcoming Gestalt IT Field Day. Looks like a great group from the community will be in attendanc. I am looking forward to the collection of presenters. With how busy I have been delivering solutions lately it will be really good to dedicate some time to learning what is new and exciting. I plan to take good notes and share my thoughts here on the blog. For more information on the Field Day check it out right here:

Random picture of my dog.
Random picture of my dog.

8 thoughts on “Gestalt IT – Tech Field Day”

      1. You make sure to tell them that while you’re out there, though say you’ve got a good .Net ninja in mind. That ninjas seem to be holding more street cred than monkeys these days….

  1. Congratulations! The Gestalt IT Tech Field Day events are brilliant to be involved in, I was lucky enough to participate in Seattle earlier this year. Great experience, hope you enjoy it!

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