VSI Plugin: vSphere Multipathing Coolness

One of the tasks that always made me crazy when doing deployments was managing multipathing. Starting with vSphere 4.0 most of the storage platforms recommended using the Round Robin policy. At some point we all had to modify the policy for each datastore via the vCenter client. It is like stabbing yourself in the eye with a sewing needle. The other way is to use a script from the cli to change the default policy for each datastore. Much easier but there should be a better way for those that don’t have crazy script capabilities.

Imagine being able to right click on an ESX cluster. Going through a small wizard and then setting all of the policies for each datastore on each host. Also works with Powerpath VE if you have it. Awesomeness. I almost shed tears of joy.

After installing the EMC VSI plugin right click a host (or entire cluster), go to EMC à Set Multipathing Policy…

Use the Wizard to set your preferred NMP (or even Powerpath VE) policy.


Like that everything is set on the host or cluster, all the same way. Thing of beauty.

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