A Quick Update – vSphere 5

Sometimes it seems like you look down and everything has changed. It has been almost 2 months since I blogged. That is unacceptable. I used to always write things that I was learning. I can assure you I leanr something new at work as a vSpecialist everyday.
Now that we can hopefully move past any licesing worries with vSphere 5.

I am exciting that we are now free to talk about:

  • Storage Clusters
  • Storage DRS
  • All new HA
  • Automatic Failback in SRM
  • Linked Clones in vCloud Director
  • Netflow in dvSwitches

So much goodness. So much potential for troubleshooting.

One potential issue I have found while installing vCenter 5. Make sure the vCenter server can resolve DNS and do reverse DNS. I thought I would be smart and placed my new vCenter in a new subnet that didn’t have the proper reverse lookup zones created. vCenter warned me during installation and then failed to generate the SSL certs and then the install failed. Just something to look out for.

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