vSphere Metro Stretched Clusters – Some Info/Links

A lot of questions lately about vSphere Clusters across distance. I really need to learn for myself so I collected some good links.

Make sure you understand what “Only Non-uniform host access configuration is supported” means. Someone correct me if I have this wrong but your device that enables the distributed virtual storage needs to be sure that hosts in site A are writing to their preferred volumes in site A and vice versa in Site B. Probably way over simplifying it.






Big thanks to Scott Lowe for clearing the details on this topic.

2 thoughts on “vSphere Metro Stretched Clusters – Some Info/Links”

  1. Non-uniform means that the hosts in site-a only sees the storage in A and hosts in B only see the storage in B. Uniform means that they can see hosts in both sites.

    1. I would think the hosts in site A would see the Storage that is preferred in Site A (in the case of VPLEX), because if the hosts in site B couldn’t see those datastores at all, failover/vMotion wouldn’t work. Am I thinking backwards about this?

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