The VMWorld 2012 Voting Post

I decided to wait a couple of days after the posturing/begging/campaigning died down. So that I could start it up again!


Shameless plugs are not usually my thing. I have been learning from @vTexan so here goes.

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There are literally 9 Billion entries this year. So here are a few I like:

By the way I am stoked for a joint EMC / NetApp Session that doesn’t have Chad and Vaughn (no offense guys).


Finally, my title didn’t make the cut (View 5.1 and Storage so Awesome you’ll slap yo Mama OR Things only Ninjas know, behind the scenes with View 5.1 Storage Architectures) but here is my session on View 5.1 and Storage Deep Dive with EUC Ninja Mark Ewert.




View 5.1 Storage Features Deep Dive 



Desktop Virtualization 



End-User Computing

Technical Level 


Advanced Technical

Area of Interest 




Presented by VMware and EMC, this session will provide an in depth exploration of the new View 5.1 features related to storage optimization including the View Storage Accelerator (CBRC) and View Composer Array Integration (VCAI). The discussion will also provide detailed results of a joint VMware / EMC study quantifying the benefit of these new storage features and their resulting impact on virtual desktop density and the EMC VNX Storage Area Network used in the testing. To enable attendees to perform their own analysis, an overview of the LoginVSI virtual desktop benchmark system and test methodology used to obtain the results will also be provided.



So remember to Vote. Do it for the Children!

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  1. I like the original title better! Should I feel slighted that mine isn’t listed on here? J/K

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