In-n-Out trip VMworld 2012

Time for the 4th annual trip to In-n-out at VMworld. This year we are in San Francisco. The calendar during dinner tim is getting packed with all kinds of things. SO as an attempt to get more people. The in-n-out trip will be a post EMC party deal level out any adult beverages trip. On Tuesday the 28th post 10pm give or take 15 minutes I will try to caravan to the In-n-out. They are open until 1am.
See you there!


One thought on “In-n-Out trip VMworld 2012”

  1. I have added a listing about the IN-N-out Trip on my website section

    I would be glad if you let me know more about the gathering. Is there Food and what is going on there. I might add it to the WMworld Interactive Schedule if I have more Information.

    VMwaredirectory carries listings about everything whats going on at VMworld.

    If you have more information you like to be added, connect with me on Twitter @meier_manfred:disqus 
    I’m not so well (1 Weekk I started) networked and all new on Twitter. Things start to pick up but I’m glad for any help to get the information about my VMworld coverage out to the attendees. Thank you.

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