An All New but Very Similar Adventure

The more things stay the same the more they change, or something like that. At the beginning of the month I started a new place within EMC. I am now the VMware/Cloud/SDDC guy for the Solutions Marketing and Enablement team with the EMC Solutions Group. Exciting new and fun things coming especially around content related to the same old theme for me. VMware, Virtualization, Cloud and all the related points, now with a focus on end-to-end solutions that address requests coming from the business. I am working with a pretty awesome team and I am excited to see what we can produce over the next few months.all-the-stuffz

So check back here soon for information on EMC World, All new reference archtectures, whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts and all way to get involved in the overall cloud community and conversation. As always it is my pleasure to take stuff I learn day to day and show it to you all in a way that will help you. Thanks for reading!


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