vSphere-land’s Top 20 and Looking for Performance

(This post should have gone out last week. Ooops!)
Check out the top 20!

I would like to be on this list someday. I couldn’t find one of these blogs that I would slide out to let me in. I know these people put a ton of time into creating their content. So congratulations to the top 20.

From 2vcps:
More short VCDX notes coming with concern to command line tips for ESX 3.5. I am also working on some Exchange 2007 on VMware posts. Eventually some upgrading to vSphere 4 posts will be on the way.

What I have been looking for is VMFS vs RDM vs Guest iSCSI performance stats. I found some good information on VMFS and RDM. Since using iSCSI inside of the guest is not supported I am not finding any stats on the performance. To the naked eye running Exchange it seems to be working fine. I would like to see some numbers though.

Just wondering if I can find some statistics or opinions to help form a standard operating procedure for deployments.

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