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  • Another Kickoff and a New Year

    November 2018 was my the finish of my 5th year at Pure. I really meant to write up a recap but let’s just say November and December were super busy. I was in Barcelona for VMworld EMEA the beginning of November, then came home to visit more customers around the US and tell them about […]

  • This: I love Google Analytics

    I have not really dug into the features of Google Analytics for a long time. I was curious today to see how people were following links through the site and how they got here. I found this report that totally made me geek out. Highlighted is people coming from twitter. Now the top referral source […]

  • First Three Months and the Cloud

    This is the post where people start accusing me of working for EMC. Guess what? I do. Now that Geek Week and onboarding are finished and I got my really cool shirt I wanted to spend a few minutes reflecting on the things I learned in the last few months. This post will introduce a […]

  • Making Changes

    It is not catchy or a creative title. It does however communicate exactly what I need to say. Things for me are going to change in a good way. It has been a very chaotic final three months of the year. Without going into every personal detail emotions have swung from really high and great […]

  • Fast Don’t Lie – Tech Field Day

    Apologies to the new Adidas Basketball youtube campaign. I am going to steal their title for this post. Time has flown by and it is now time to get going to Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day. Thursday and Friday will be full of some pretty exciting companies. I have some familiarity with three of them: […]

  • vExpert 2010 – a High Five from VMware

    Last Friday night I received an email from John Troyer at VMware inviting me to the vExpert 2010 program. It is an honor to be included with such a great list of people. I never know how to respond to be complimented. That is why I like high fives. It is like saying good job, but the […]

  • Recap of 2009

    Thank you to everyone out there that gave any attention to this little blog. I tried to supply new information where I could and also document my journey trying to improve at the esxcfg- commands. In 2009 the traffic increased from less than 100 visits in a week to approaching 500 in a week. That […]

  • Write in Campaign! Vote Now! Top Five Blogs

    Not that I think I am worthy of winning. There are so many better blogs relating to VMware out there. If though I can get someone besides my Mom, Dad, Wife and myself to vote for me I will be able to sleep tonight. 🙂 Vote for the best 5 VMware Blogs! Who will be […]

  • vSphere-land’s Top 20 and Looking for Performance

    (This post should have gone out last week. Ooops!)Check out the top 20! I would like to be on this list someday. I couldn’t find one of these blogs that I would slide out to let me in. I know these people put a ton of time into creating their content. So congratulations to the […]

  • I love Maps

    When I was a kid I just looked at the map and the globe. It was fun for me to see where places are and what cities and roads go through those places. So that is why I love google analytics so much. I get some sweet maps.I don’t get near the number of hits […]