Making Changes

It is not catchy or a creative title. It does however communicate exactly what I need to say. Things for me are going to change in a good way. It has been a very chaotic final three months of the year. Without going into every personal detail emotions have swung from really high and great to very low and difficult. It is awkward for me to kind of share the personal parts of my life.

The topics of this blog have always been driven by what I am working on and learning. I am certain in the next few months and years I will be learning lots of new topics. Soon I will be joining EMC as a Senior vSpecialist. I will still be based out of the Atlanta area and I am excited to see what will come in the future.

Additionally, I want to say something about VeriStor. The people at VeriStor became more than co-workers and bosses. They are like friends and family and it is very hard to leave them. Luckily they won’t be too far away. The work of implementing virtualization solutions is something I enjoy tremendously and I could be doing for many more years. My time at VeriStor opened up worlds of opportunity for my family and me. This opportunity at EMC though is a chance to move into a role that will challenge me in new and exciting ways.

Hopefully over the next few months I will share the journey of becoming a vSpecialist and all the new things it will bring.

7 thoughts on “Making Changes”

  1. Many many congrats my old friend!!!! You’ve been down a pretty crazy road with all this stuff and you’re truly an amazing person!

    I look forward to reading about your journey to virtualization Jedi Master, maybe they should just rename it that! 8^D Judging by the tweet feedback, looks like you’ve got a new family already there to welcome you in!!!

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