Fast Don’t Lie – Tech Field Day

Apologies to the new Adidas Basketball youtube campaign. I am going to steal their title for this post.

Time has flown by and it is now time to get going to Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day. Thursday and Friday will be full of some pretty exciting companies. I have some familiarity with three of them: Solarwinds, NetApp and Intel. I am excited to get some in depth information from them though.

Then Aprius, Avere Systems, Actifio, and Asigra are companies I have never really heard anything about so it will be interesting to see what they do and see how it fits in to my perspective as a Virtualization dude.

For now I have one question on my list (I will come up with others), Is it Fast? Watch the videos, because when we talk about the cloud, Fast dont’ lie.

I’m Fast

I’m Fast 2

Fast Don’t Lie