VMworld Sunday and Monday – Monkeys Fly

This is the disjointed cliffs notes but too long for twitter version of my VMworld experience so far. Monkey comment is to distinguish this post from the other 11billion being posted already. Thanks.


Arrived unhurt from Memphis. Met a few other VMworlders on the plane. 

Cabby sped away without giving me change, I am a big tipper I guess.

Discovered shorts and flip flops are not San Francisco attire. Needed to get my jeans and fleece out. Stopped washing my hair to fit in too.

Registered for the conference picked up my sweet bag and goodies.

Went to Taylor’s Automatic Refreshment down on the embarcadero for lunch. Very good.

Went and studied for a few hours for the VCP 4

Attended the VMworld Underground Warm-Up Extravaganza at the Thirsty Bear. I had a great time. I met several people that I only knew via twitter and blogs and message boards. It was great to put names to faces.


Could not sleep much past 5:30 PDT this morning. Got up did some additional VCP studying. Headed out to breakfast

Went into SRM troubleshooting lab at 7:30 besides some technical burps it went well, good to troubleshoot intentional and unintentional technical problems. I learned what to look for in the log files which was the main reason I elected this lab.

Had extra time and felt like there was no way I could get more vSphere info into my head I sat for the VCP 4 an hour early. I am glad that I did. Must have been too many people testing at once or the test software is just no good. The test would pause for 30-60 seconds between each question, slowing down my rhythm and frustrating me a little. I kept doing minute per question calculations in my head. All technical problems are forgiven though because I passed. Mainly glad I don’t have to do that again for a while. Hopefully the exam engine or whatever was wrong will be ok next time.

Getting ready for the Welcome Reception tonight and catching up on some email and other business. Thank you to everyone with all the kind words about me passing the VCP 4. Woo woo! 

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