VMworld Day 2 – All your vCloud are belong to us

Note: I rarely do posts like this. I would rather explain an admin problem and solution. I hope this doesn’t scare too many away. I am in a rant mood.

Day 2 was a great day at VMworld. The key-note today combined with the announcement after the keynote sparked a couple thoughts. I would bet I am not the only one that noticed. VMware basically put Microsoft, Google and Amazon on notice. VMware now has the tools to make a challenge to these previously unchecked organizations.

Microsoft and Google
First the giant world domination bent company based in Redmond and its information hording rival from Nor Cal. The significance of the Springsource merger/purchase and vCloud API’s is telling everyone use your existing apps in the private/public cloud, also your custom developed applications will soon fly into the cloud. Nothing we didn’t already know but now they are all supplied by VMware. Virtualization in general can make Microsoft mortal, and who would use Google apps if the apps they actually know and like could be highly available in a per month charge model.

The vCloud Express being made available means VMware can provide virtual services on demand to anyone with a credit card. All at the same time letting the hosting companies front the major expenses for datacenter buildout. The software gets sold no matter how successful everything is. How will Amazon be able to turn a profit when competing against the most proven Enterprise platform for providing virtual servers? Pretty hard to do in my opinion.

Now before being called a VMware fanboy. I think VMware is starting a game they better win. There may be a glimmer of hope that competition will benefit the consumer. The bullying by software vendors of their customers should turn into innovation to set themselves apart. The first company to become complacent will lose. At this point who would know what is going to happen.

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