My First DockerCon

Wrapping up my very first DockerCon. I learned great new things, was introduced to new tech and reconnected with some old friends.

This was my first convention in a very long time where I actually just attended the show and went to sessions. It was really nice. While people would usually read my blog looking for tips and tricks on how to do technical things and not my philosophic rambling. So I won’t try to be a pundit on announcements and competition and all that. Some cool things I learned:

  1. Share everything on GitHub. People use github as the defacto standard for sharing information. Usually it is code, but lots more is out there including presentations and demos for a lot for what happened at DockerCon. Exciting for me as someone that always loved sharing what I learn via this blog is that this is expected. I will post some of my notes and other things about specific sessions once the info is all posted.
  2. Being a “storage guy” for the past 6 years or so between Pure Storage and EMC it was good to see how many companies in the ecosystem have solutions built for CI/CD and Container Security. So much different than other shows where the Storage vendors dominate the mind share.
  3. Over the years friends and co-workers have gone there own way and ended up all over the industry. Some of my favorite people that always put a very high value on community and sharing seem to be the same people that gravitate to DockerCon. It was great to see all of you and meet some new people.

More to follow as I pull my notes together and find links to the sessions.


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