Four Resources that Got Me Started with Kuberenetes

In the last post I mentioned there are resources that have already gone through that do a better job than me in helping you understand containers and Kubernetes.
So if you are a virtualization admin like me and want to make 2018 the year you know enough to be dangerous I suggest the following resources.

  1. Do Nigel Poulton’s Docker Deep Dive. A foundational understanding to containers will help the orchestration parts make sense.
  2. Read Nigel’s The Kubernetes Book
  3. Do Kubernetes the Hard Way. Once you see this the options that make K8s easier will seem a lot cooler and you will understand what they do in the background.
  4. Go and Play with Docker and Kubernetes. Free sandboxes for you to try out.

Start thinking: Does this app need a VM or a container? Once you are asking the question you will begin to think critically about the choices.

I am not sure we all need to move 100% off of VM’s today. Starting to ask the questions will help prepare us to provide these services to our customers when the workloads and workflows that require them to arise.

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