Some NSX-T Things I learned

The last few months I have done a lot of work with NSX-T. I have not done so much networking since my CCNA days. I wanted to share a couple of things that were really helpful I found out on the web.

I was using NSX-T 2.4.2 and sometimes some troubleshooting guides were not very helpful as they were very specific to other versions.

This was great for removing some things I broke.
Deleting NSX-T Objects

Since the end goal with NSX was PKS this is where I spent time over and over.

After everything worked installing PKS I got this error when deploying a PKS cluster.
The deployment was failing and I kept seeing references to: pks-nsx-t-osb-proxy

Some helpful information in those few links. Main thing is when you create certificates for NSX-T Manager, you should apply them too.

Also, make sure the NIC’s on your ESXi hosts are all setup the same way. I had 4 nics and 4 different VLAN/Trunk configs, no bueno. Also as VXLAN wants the frames to be at least 1600 MTU. I set everything to 9000 just for fun. That worked much better.

See you in Barcelona next week.

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