Finding the Fusion OVFTool

The OVFtool is something I wished VMware Fusion had a while back and finally got a chance to use it the other day. I checked google and I found that it was located at:

/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/ovftool

As I looked for that path I was surprised it was not there. I upgraded from Fusion 2 to 3 to 3.1 and never recalled a chance or a place to add the OVFtool to my install. I could not find an independent download for the Mac OVFtool. I ended up re-installing the newest version of Fusion and I had to click “Advanced” during the install and turn on the OVFtool to install. Not sure if that is the best way, but that is how I got it to work. 🙂

Now that the path exists I was able to convert the OVF Appliance to be used on my Mac.

ovftool --help reveals a ton of options. To do a basic conversion though try this:

$mkdir /Users/username/Documents/Virtual Machines/ApplianceName
$/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/ovftool/ovftool ./Appliance.ovf /Users/username/Documents/Virtual Machines/ApplianceName

This will expand and convert the VM to be used with Fusion. Now just select open the VM in Fusion and play away.