K8s + Python + Twitter + Pi

This all started as I was needing a side project. I had purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 in July but was looking for a great way to use it. Then in August I received another Pi 3 from the vExpert Community at VMworld.

I setup the Pi 3 to be an AirPlay speaker for my old basement stereo. What does this have to do with K8s? Nothing.

I took the Pi 4 and purchased 3 more to complete a mini-rack cluster using K3s. https://k3s.io/ this is a crazy easy way to get Kubernetes up and running when you really don’t want to mess with the internals of everything. Perfect for the raspberry pi.

So I know have a single master cluster with 3 worker nodes. Although the master can run workload too… so actually. Four node cluster is best way to describe it.

First was a multi-node deployment of Minio to front end my ancient Iomega Nas. I wrote some Python to take timelapse photos from my PiZero camera and push them into Minio. Pretty cool and should work with any S3 interface (hint hint).

Next was I wanted to make something that could help me do a little more with Python. So I took a look at Tweepy and created a twitter developer account. @Jonbot17 was born.

Take a look at my github page for the code so far.


It Retweets and likes things. It also follows you back if you follow it.

My bot wasn’t just shadow banned but banned banned. So it would retweet any tweet with #PureAccelerate, then the conference started, the account did a little too much activity for twitter. I guess 1000 tweets in a few hours is too much for the platform.

Does anyone have any other ideas of what I should run on my k3s’s and Pi4 cluster?

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