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  • iSCSI Connections on EqualLogic PS Series

    Equallogic PS Series Design Considerations VMware vSphere introduces support for multipathing for iSCSI. Equallogic released a recommended configuration for using MPIO with iSCSI.   I have a few observations after working with MPIO and iSCSI. The main lesson is know the capabilities of the storage before you go trying to see how man paths you can […]

  • New VMware KB – zeroedthick or eagerzeroedthick

    Due to the performance hit while zeroing mentioned in the Thin Provisioning Performance white paper this article in the VMware knowledge base could be of some good use. I would suggest using eagerzeroedthick for any high IO tier 1 type of Virtual Machine. This can be done when creating the VMDK from the GUI by […]

  • Storage Design and VDI

    Recently I have spent time re-thinking certain configuration scenarios and asking myself, “Why?” If there is something I do day to day during installs is this still true when it comes to vSphere? or will it still be true when it comes to future versions. Lately I have questioned how I deploy LUNs/volumes/datastores. I usually […]

  • Using iSCSI to get some big ole disk in a Virtual Machine

    First, I have lived in the South too long, because I said “Big ole disk” and couldn’t think of a more appropriate phrase. Now someone rescue me if I start to tell you to “mash” the power button on your server or SAN. I kid. I am sure everyone out there has used this before […]

  • Storage KB entries from VMware

    This is the kind of stuff I love to find. Good stuff all in one place. The Storage customer service team identified several of the top KB entries that could help in a pinch. Check them out on the VMware Knowledge Base Blog. I have a personal experience with: 1002511 Recreating a missing VMDK (header) […]