Twelve Months for a Forklift? Check that, Forever Flash

Recently I was speaking with a potential customer and they were planning on taking 12 months to move from one end of life architecture to latest and greatest from their very big storage provider. Absolutely amazing that customers everywhere have been living with this for years now. Pure Storage introduced a very awesome solution to this issue. Built on the technical awesomeness that a purpose built for flash platform can provide. No legacy to protect so Pure is more than happy to change the way Storage business is done. More on this later.

First Never Move Your Data


Since I am a geek I will start with real production upgrades to your array. Pure can upgrade with no downtime and no performance impact. This is true for software revisions AND hardware upgrades.

Imagine you have the N-1 generation controllers and you want to get all the speed and efficiency that comes with the latest and greatest. Usually you would have to wait to buy an all new array. Use some tool to mirror all the data (if you are lucky) and take a short (if you are super lucky) downtime to move over. Do this for every single host and it could take months. Storage vMotion made this super easy but remember there are still those pesky databases that the DBA never let you virtualize because they don’t want to risk it. One more thing, they can never ever go down.¬†Except when you would rather be at your kids soccer game or something.

Pure Storage allows you to move from controller series older (but still awesome) to series new and shiny (and more awesome) with no downtime, performance still better than you ever had on any $1M boat anchor and get your weekends back.

Now Get the Refresh without the Refresh Quote


Now, imagine getting those new controllers and their inherit boost in performance and efficiency every three years. Just keep your maintenance up to date. Now the conversation dives into OPEX vs CAPEX and resetting contracts and econ stuff I generally don’t cover. Head over to the Forever Flash landing page to dive deeper into what this means. Basically two options exist:

  • Free Every Three – Renew maintenance for 2 more years after year 3 and get the newest controllers.
  • Fresh Every Upgrade – Reset your maintenance every time you buy an upgrade (capacity or compute).

No Mas Forklift


More #ForeverFlash Information

Say it with me, “FOREVER, FOR-EV-ERRRR.”

By the way, that customer came out of his seat with excitement when he heard about Pure NDU and Forever Flash. Awesome.

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