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  • Oh My Zsh – Fix my Command Prompt

    Oh My Zsh – Fix my Command Prompt

    I do a lot of CLI demos when showing off PSO and K8s and Helm and all the cool things they can do. I made the switch to ZSH and oh my zsh and I really like using it for the past year. After trying a few different themes and prompts I settled on the […]

  • Some Reality for us Infrastructure Peeps or Apps are cool too

    Don’t’ you just love double titles? For many years I have been an infrastructure guy. I really liked how the cables, and processors and Memory and blinking lights worked. Applications were often the necessary evil tolerated so that I can play with cool technology. During my own journey toward learning about the cloud it becomes […]

  • Rescan All Hba’s Where are you?

    So I was updating some of my blog posts on the esxcfg-* commands with any changes in ESX 4. I wrote earlier I did not know much about the esxcfg-advcfg command. Since writing that post at the end of 2008, I found Duncan Epping used esxcfg-advcfg in 3.5 to set the option rescan all the […]

  • Change Service Console IP

    Want to change the Service Console IP address from the command line real quick like? esxcfg-vswif -i [new IP] -n [netmask] [vswif]example (as root)esxcfg-vswif -i -n vswif0 Q: How do I know what is my vswif?A: esxcfg-vswif -loutput you can also use esxcfg-vswif -l to verify the ip of your service console. A […]

  • The watch command in the Service Console

    UPDATE: Eric Siebert wrote an almost identical article here for techtarget. Since I don’t want people to think I just lift ideas from other blogs I would like to credit this article at the top. Although I have been using this procedure for nearly 2 years for snapshots. I would like to say I didn’t […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-auth

    Following my alphabetical method of learning. esxcfg-authusage: esxcfg-auth [options] options: –enablemd5 Enable MD5 password storage –disablemd5 Disable MD5 password storage –enableshadow Enable Shadow password storage –disableshadow Disable Shadow password storage –enablenis Enable NIS Authentication –disablenis Disable NIS Authentication –nisdomain=domain Set the NIS domain –nisserver=server Set the NIS server –enableldap Enable LDAP User Management –disableldap Disable […]