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  • Fastest way to Get started with Portworx Data Services.

    TL;DR This is the process to get an EKS Cluster with Portworx installed with PDS installed and registered to your account in the PDS Control Plane. By following this you can use one command: Wait about 22 minutes and you are ready to go with Amazon EKS, PX Enterprise and Portworx Data Services! With big […]

  • Portworx Data Services GA: An Admins View, So easy you won’t believe it…

    Portworx Data Services (PDS) the DBaaS platform built on the Portworx Enterprise platform is One Platform for All Databases. This SaaS platform can work with your platform in the Cloud or in your datacenter. Check out this demo of some of the Admin tasks available. The good part other than add your DB consumers and […]